Geoff Eaton founded KTR in 2007. Geoff and his family have been involved in the elite world of sports for over 35 years. Using his experience and his unique approach to athletic development Geoff developed a world-class skate curriculum that has produced X Games and world level competitors. He then saw the need to re-innovate the extreme sports fitness industry and provide a comprehensive safe playground that would give everyone an opportunity to learn the basics and foundation that high level sports has to offer.


KTR Skateboard School has over 40,000 sq. feet of indoor skate park, and is recognized as one of the most progressive training facilities available. It was custom designed and built by the same builders of the X-Games and Mega Ramp. Located in Mesa, AZ, KTR is under the family umbrella of Desert Devils multi-sports-plex facility, which offers programs for Skateboarding, Scooters, Parkour, Gymnastics and Cheer.

Techniques used in our world-class gymnastic programs have proven to be a successful crossover in our skateboarding programs. By practicing foundational movements on trampoline and into mats, skaters at any age can gain superior agility and the confidence needed to approach the ever-progressive tricks of skateboarding.


At KTR we embrace the creativity and individuality innate to skateboarding. Our staff strives to maintain a safe, fun, and encouraging environment where the potential in your child can be both recognized and reached. Our programs and facility are catered to meet the needs of a beginner skateboarder, and as far as he or she may dream to take it. KTR offers skateboarding lessons, camps, open sessions and skate events year round.


Through the KTR program, our skaters have accomplished two Guinness World Records, 1 Silver medal, and 8 X Games appearances all before the age of 13! As well as, skated in top Am Street contests such as the Tampa and Phoenix Am. Kids can start their journey young as age three in one of our programs