There's strong, then there's KTR strong.


KTR Fitness is a cross-training fitness program designed for every body and every level. The latest machines, free weights, and cardio equipment allow you to develop your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and more. We have a unique facility that allows you to combine the best of all disciplines...weightlifting, gymnastics, parkour, and help create a super-effective workout program. Come and experience it today.





KTR Weightlifting is designed for all sizes, big and small. These classes are designed to improve members technical execution of the clean & jerk and snatch. We are committed to coaching beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes in the sport of weightlifting and working with athletes to improve their strength and speed through the use of weightlifting movements.

Designed for Maximum calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. It is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core and functional movement patterns performed on the WORLDS ONLY 70×70 AIR FLOOR in a FUN and Social setting.  Does running, jumping, climbing and punching hurt your knees, back or ankles?…Well not anymore!…Performing these workouts on our AIR FLOOR allows for increased participation, mobility, strength, speed and power with decreased impact. This workout is available to all participants over the age of 14 and is available over 12 times per week!

Program developed to assist athletes to maximize their physical potential to achieve greater results in their respective sports. Training will improve power, speed, vertical jump, agility and stamina. The best athletes in the world use these tools to perform at a higher level and is now available to you!