The KTR Skate Park is is open to all skateboarders, in-line skaters, and BMX riders. There are street-like components such as tables, benches, planters and ledges, all designed to maximize both fun and safety. Be sure to ride the bowl, too!  


The KTR Ride program offers you an open session format, unlimited access to our facility and the option to participate in KTR’s clinics.



The Beginners Clinics are designed as an introduction to the sport. These clinics are designed for beginners & first timers and will provide instruction on how to use the park safely.

STREET BASICS: The beginner street basics clinic is designed to help riders navigate thru a skatepark and develop basic skills that will become the fundamental building blocks of their progression.

BOWL BASICS: The beginner bowl clinics will teach riders how to roll in, pump and kick-turn.

The Intermediate Clinics are designed to help riders take the basic skills to the next level.

STREET: In the intermediate street clinic riders will learn rolling in on banks, grinds and slides on rails and ledges, launching with grabs and ollie variations.


BOWL: The intermediate bowl clinics will teach riders to navigate thru different walls/lines of the bowl and work on carving and basic flow riding.

MEGA RAMP: In the intermediate mega ramp clinic riders will learn how to roll into the mega ramp, ollie onto the deck, pump and kick turn the quarter pipe.

The Advanced Clinics offer expert level instruction for the competitive athlete as well as the recreational rider. Participants must complete all beginner and intermediate clinics in order to attend.

STREET: In the advanced street clinic riders will be introduced to the straight 8 progression on flat ground + advanced grinds and slides on rails and ledges.

BOWL: In the advanced bowl clinic riders will work towards taking their lip tricks, grinds and slides to the all areas of the bowl + frontside and backside air development.

MEGA RAMP: In the advanced mega ramp clinic riders will work towards airing over the gap and continue their progression on frontside and backside airs on the quarter pipe.