Go ahead and JUMP! FLIP!  TUMBLE! Our in-floor trampolines are a great workout combined with healthy fun! Kids and adults alike can develop strong muscles and keen coordination in a safe controlled environment. Take unlimited turns! Whether you're a cheerleader, gymnast, ninja warrior, skateboarder or you just want to jump for fun, we have a program for you!




Our Beginner Clinic is an introduction to basic tampoline elements. The clinic is designed for beginners & first timers and will provide instruction on how to progress in a safe fun environment.


This clinic includes:


  • Safety Jumping And Landing
  • Seat Drop
  • Back Drop
  • Front Drop
  • Swivel Hips
  • Pullover
  • Flip/Twist Progressions

The intermediate clinics are designed to help take the basic skills to the next level.


These include: 


  • Back Flip
  • Front Flip
  • Front/Back Handspring
  • Side Flip and Cheat Gainer

The advanced clinics offer expert level instruction for the competitive athlete. Participants must complete all beginner and intermediate clinics in order to attend.


These Clinics include:


  • Front Twisting
  • Snap and Whip Progressions
  • Barani Combination
  • Back Twisting
  • Arabian
  • Cork Twisting