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KTR's Preschool Experience is an active preschool program based on monthly themes that provide structured play and learning experiences in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Our learning experience revolves around jumping, climbing, running, flipping, skateboarding, singing and developing coordination. Our enthusiastic teachers make our program a fun place to learn and grow.


Please choose which days child will be attending during the week. There will be no make-ups.

  • 2x/week: $99 individual/$133 family

  • 3x/week: $129 individual/$172 family

  • 5x/week: $149 individual/$199 family


  • AGES 18mo-3yrs, Diaper Devils

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30-10:30AM
    *plus attend Open Gym every weekday 11:30A-12:30P (M-F)

  • AGES 3-5yrs, Little Devils

  • Monday-Friday 9:00-11:30AM
    *plus attend Open Gym every weekday 11:30A-12:30P (M-F) 


Program Focus:

  • Creative Expression- Children sing songs, dance, clap, and do crafts that relate to our theme of the month.

  • Social and Emotional Development- Children learn to follow directions, develop friendships and take turns by working together.

  • Wellness- Children practice using fine and large motor skills, improve balance and strength, develop flexibility and coordination.

  • Learning- Themes also focus on shapes, numbers, letters, counting and character traits.

  • Through the KTR Preschool Experience, you can be sure to get your little one the exercise and fundamentals they will need to grow into healthy and happy tweens. Your child will improve in jumping, running, swinging, climbing, balance, body awareness, strength, social skills and CONFIDENCE.


Monthly Learning Themes:

  • January – Numbers

  • February – Letters

  • March – Music

  • April – Character Traits

  • May – Sports

  • June – Patriotic

  • July – Summer Fun

  • August – Animals

  • September – Shapes

  • October – Princesses and Super Hero's

  • November – Colors

  • December – Winter Wonderland 

KTR Preschool Experience Schedule

Diaper Devils
9:00-10:30AM | M/W/F 

Class activities


Little Devils
9:30-10:30AM | M-F

Class activities begin


Snack Time


Class activities

11:30AM-12:30PM (Open Gym to public 5 & Under)

Finish the session with a 1hr Open Gym that comes FREE with your KTR Membership. This is free time for your child to play and to practice the skills they learned that day. Students will receive a wrist band if they are staying for this open gym.


Open Gym: (Available for ages 5&Under)

*Parents Must Stay for Open Gym
If your child is not enrolled in our "KTR PreSchool Experience" program then a parent or guardian must stay with the child at all times. A waiver for both the parent and the child will be required.

Open Gym affords you and your child the time to have full use of the gym equipment: working one on one together, having fun exercising, and helping your child on his or her developmental skills.


Open Gym is offered 11:30A-12:30P, Monday-Friday for Ages 5&Under. Cost is one low monthly rate of just $40!


KTR Toddler/PreSchooler Success Stories

"After several failed city classes, I decided to give Kids That Rip a chance for my then 21 month old daughter. It was an instant hit with her and now several years later, she has moved up the the mini hot shots class and talks about wanting to continue moving up. As a parent, I love all the confidence each class has given her! When ever she has any doubts, we always remind her about something she did in class and she immediately perks up, tackling any challenge! An added bonus, she is really fit and strong too. Her little sister is following in her foot steps with the same amazing results. Plus the coaches are so personable. Tried and true, I will not go any where else!" ~ Jamie


"I've always believed gymnastic training is excellent for children in helping them develop motor skills, coordination, and strength. During the last 4 years I have been bringing my three youngest children to Kids That Rip in Mesa. The oldest of the three is now 7 and on the Developmental Team, not ready for competition, but actively working towards that goal. She started gymnastics with Coach Beth in Diaper Devils, then moved on to Little Devils, Mini-Hot Shots, Hot Shots, and now team gymnastics. Her strength has improved immensely along with control of her body and agility. My youngest two daughters, ages 5 and 3, also started in Diaper Devils, again moving on to Little Devils, and now both are a part of the Mini-HotShots group. They both are thrilled when I tell them it's time for gymnastics and can't wait to get there and practice their tricks. I highly recommend Kids That Rip training." ~Shondelle

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